Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy One Month!

It's official, Josh and I have successfully been married for one month! We have had so much fun living here in our new little city.

As I was doing my daily ritual-meeting the mailman at 5:15 in front of our mail boxes- I was thinking of all the fun things Josh and I have done in our first month. Here our my top ten's (in no particular order):

1. Taking walks at night
2. Walking to & from Pei Wei
3. Monday night ritual-watching the Bachelorette...go Jason!
4. Free movies at the Park
5. Eating ice-cream at Paciugo's
6. Making our apt. our home
7. Cooking & eating dinner together
8. Meeting new people
9. Spending every Saturday "shopping w/o spending $"
10. Eating yummy homemade parfaits with our breakfast, lunch, & dinner!

Anyway, one month down, 585,940 to go!


Jo Carol said...

Y'all are too cute!! Love you bunches!!

Erica said...

We're rooting for Jason too!! The bach is our guilty pleasure! Come and see us!!

Steph said...

I love it! "Shopping without spending $!" That's awesome; I do that too haha