Friday, July 11, 2008

Soak in Him

The other night I was having a quiet time and towards the end of this alone time, I started to flip through the pages of my prayer journal. This journal is extremely special to me because one of my best friends, Stacy, gave it to me right before we entered college together as roommates. As I was flipping through the pages, reading through my prayers about college, boys, friends, and homework, I noticed something I wrote down in February of 2006. I had actually heard it on KGNZ (a Christian radio program) and quickly wrote down what I heard because it (or whoever was speaking on the radio that day) spoke so clearly to me that day:

"The problem is we don't soak. There is to much going on in our daily lives that we don't have time to soak. We talk about how one day when we get to heaven we'll be able to see Jesus and really experience beauty. However, right now we have an opportunity to soak in the love and joy that comes from a personal relationship with God. That's where our happiness should come from. Soak it up. Start now."

Don't wait another minute, I encourage you to start today. Find Jesus in your everyday world and when you do, give Him all the glory. Soak it up.


Jo Carol said...

So very true! Our busy world and activities fights against us getting to do that. Thanks so much for sharing your insight and reminding us of that truth!! Love ya!!

mary said...

Thanks for the reminder, Em. You're right - we can enjoy Him now more than we realize. But, not if we're too busy! I like the picture "soaking in Him" paints.

Anonymous said...

Emily, I got this site from Erica's blog. Glad you are doing so well. Hope to see you when Brooklyn is born. Won't be long now! Aunt Janice