Monday, July 28, 2008

Treasured Times

Josh and I have a very productive and yet wonderful weekend! Friday night was definitely low key...Josh came home to a "Mexican Fiesta"...basically it consisted of home-made enchiladas, chips and dip, margaritas, and Mexican salad. After that we just hung around the house, watched some TV, and read. I had to wake up early Saturday morning in order to wait in line at 1/2 Price Books for a couple hours. The reason being is because I was able to get two boxes of children's books for my classroom...for FREE!

That afternoon Josh and I headed out to "The Dump" (yes that is the name of a furniture store!) where we purchased our first set of furniture! It is a gorgeous light brown leather couch, chair, and ottoman/coffee table. It is so classic yet has a lot of character to it! There will definitely be pictures to come!

Later that night, two of our best friends from college got married. Because of their wedding, several of our friends were there. Let's just say I have never been so happy at a wedding (besides my own of course!). Oh the memories were wonderful...

-Seeing Allie ("Satan, bite the dust!") and Holly...good times at ACU's volleyball camp!

-Hugging Taryn & Elena @ the same time!

-Seeing my good friend Lauryn for the first time since graduation

-Watching Jenny walk down the isle to the song of "Leaving Port" from Titanic

-Eating cake with Taryn & Elena..there is no picture for this because we were way to busy eating!

-Catching up with Becca...can't wait until April 4th!

-Getting a picture of Josh, 'John Travolta',and Chris..w/ a mustache...Elena, you're a good wife.

-Talking to Julianne about the Baxter family...don't ask!

As you can read, I have some pretty amazing friends whom I love dearly. I miss y'all and can't wait until Bid Night!!!


CarolineJoy said...

Aw, Emily I can't wait to see your new furniture! Way to go on getting free books...that's awesome! And I'm so glad you had a weekend full of friends! :)
Love you dearly!

Jo Carol said...

So glad y'all had such a good time with all of your college buds. They will even grow dearer to you as time goes by...just like me and Dixie!! The pictures are so good! Love you! Mom