Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coming home for Homecoming

Life has been keeping us busy! Two weekends ago we flew to Odessa to visit baby Rayleigh and the rest of the family! Last weekend we frantically left Dallas around 5:30 (primetime for traffic) to drive to Abilene for homecoming. Yes, college homecoming. I know some of you might laugh that I would be driving 3 hours to go back to my college homecoming, but it's a big deal for us Wildcats!

Josh and I arrived to some yummy homecooked meal at my parents house around 10:00 Friday night. After some catching up with my parents (this includes Josh and Dad talking work while Mom shows me around the house at all the 'new' or different things she has done with the house) we proceeded to bed.

Every year I have so many memories of ACU's homecoming and the parade. In fact, I can remember each parade so vividly.....
FRESHMAN: a bunch of us friends filled the bed of Heath's truck with water and decided that would be our 'float' in the parade.
SOPHOMORE: I was a proud pledge of Sigma Theta Chi marching in step with 49 of my bestest friends in my pledge class following (the best) float ever! I can still remember all those words we had to sing and I'm sure you Siggies out there remember them too!
JUNIOR: I was able to stand on the sidewalk with my closest friends and cheer on the Siggie and Moonie float, "Boooo" at the Gammas, and just stare at the Kojies (haha I love you girls!)
SENIOR: I was the proud 'Big Sig' (pledge mom) to some of the best girls out there. My husband and his friends help build the Siggie float: an ENORMOUS blue elephant! It was so fun cheering for the girls as they marched proudly in the parade.

My first year back as an Alum was bittersweet. It was fun to stand on the sidewalks with our best friends (most of whom are married to each other) and catch up on old times! The rest of the weekend was followed by: lunch with the girls, shopping with mom, ACU football game (#2 in the nation!), watching UT kick OU's butt (love you Candice), hanging out with friends, and a WONDERFUL Sunday lunch at Perini's. It was a fabulous time :)


Jo Carol said...

Glad y'all had such a great time!! We sure enjoyed getting to see you and really look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas when Stephanie can be here, too! Love you! Happy Halloween!

Kimberly Law said...

I still get those feelings when I go back for my homecoming even this many years later! What a special time!

meagananne said...

Emily! You are seriously my inspiration for starting up my blog again! I really enjoy reading your blog so I wanted to have something for you and Elena to look at! (and whoever else...haha) I miss you so much and I'm glad that I got to see you at homecoming! Reading your post about ACU's homecoming made me smile =) It was definitely bitter sweet. I am going to be here for a lot of the christmas break so give me a call when you come to Abilene to see if I will be here! I can send you an e-mail of some of my coasters if you would like! Love you and miss you...have a great week Mrs. Barnes! hehe