Friday, June 5, 2009

Vacation Hints 2 and #3!!!

Ok guys, well I promised you I would keep you updated on my family's secret vacation! Apart of the secret vacation are the 'hints' my mom has emailed us. Here is hint #2:

Hint 2:
You definitely need to dress "cool" on this trip. Is "Cool" referring to style or temperature??? You be the judge! You will definitely "stick out in public" if you don't!
Later, Mom

Hint 3:
So sorry, kids, but this place is quite noisey. In fact, "it" never sleeps. Hope you don't mind. You might want to take earplugs!

So, what do ya think? Let me know your guesses!


Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

maybe you guys are going BACK to NYC in August, too??

Shelbi and Preston Rampy said...

I second that...after all, NYC is the city that never sleeps! AND you would need to be dressed both cool in temperature and cool as in stylish in order to fit in (and not "stick out") in the city!!! Though maybe not so cool in temperature if you are going to be there in August...

Emily said...

Girls, that's a good guess...but my parents don't like NYC! Hmm...but you never know!