Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Couples Retreat

For the past 15 months Josh and I have been apart of a community group that consists of 4 couples and a 'leader' couple. We meet every other week and have gone through several different marital books (Sheet Music, Lasting Promise, Sacred Marriage), openly discussed our finances while following the MoneyWise curriculum, and completeing the curriculum "Experiencing God's Story of Love and Hope" at the same time our church was studying it as well. Not only is it beneficial to be following alongside others in our same walk of life, but Josh and I's marriage has grown tremendously since May 31, 2008.

This past weekend we took a "couples retreat" to Lake Texoma. Prior to the trip, each couple had a list of questions to answer; first by ourself, then coming together to talk about our answers with our spouse. They ranged anywhere from "Describe your favorite date this past year" to "How is your spouse doing at pursuing you..." Josh and I had a great time discussing our answers and decided that we are going to do this at the start of every year. Anyway, at the retreat, each couple went around and shared their answers and then listened as the other coupls offered words of encouragement and advice for the upcoming year.

We had SUCH blast hanging out together and it's definately a weekend I'll always remember!
The girls by the lake. It was so windy!

The guys!

Josh & I under the huge elk in the living room!

The amazing lakehouse we stayed in!


Janice said...

It looks like a great place to go and have some R&R. Glad you have a group of friends to spend some time.

bunnytrails said...

WHat a wonderful opportunity to get to spend time with other couples for a time of fun, encouragement and growth. Soo happy y'all have made that an important part of your marrige. What a blessing!! Love you!