Friday, June 18, 2010

Long overdue...

A lot has happened since my last post and I feel the need to catch you up! Josh and I have been super busy with settling into our first home, ending school, and getting our new puppy! We started the month of May by moving into our new house and taking a fishing trip on the same weekend (yes I'm crazy, and yes my husband did apologize for creating such a hectic weekend for me haha!)

Our fishing guide was awesome AND went to Northwood Hills as a kid!

In front of the new house!

Also in May, I celebrated my 24th birthday (24 on the 24th!), we celebrated 2 years, attended our friends wedding, house sat for a week, and celebrated Mikayla's birth! Mikayla is Shane & Stephanie's beautiful baby girl and the first baby in our church small group!
At Matt's wedding (notice the hanging chandelier from the tree!)

The girls with Mikayla

The boys with Mikayla

June blew in in full swing with me finishing up school (can I get a HOORAY!?!?), attending another wedding, starting my nannying job, getting new bedroom furniture & entertainment console, seeing WICKED, and buying a chocolate lab! Josh and I have been wanting a dog since we got married and were finally at the point to buy one. We found Abby from a family in Plano who had a litter of 13 puppies! She stood out to us by how cuddly and adorable she was. It's been quite an eventful week since we got her, but we are LOVING being her parents :)
Sis & I at Anna's rehearsal dinner

Flag ceremony on the last day of school!

Meet Abby Gayle Barnes!

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I LOVE my new grand-dog!!!