Friday, August 27, 2010

My Classroom

Exhausted. Yes, that's how I feel after my first week of school. However, it's definitely a good type of exhaustion :) I've honestly had one of the best weeks ever, I have an amazing group of kiddos this year and am so excited about the upcoming year with them. The first day went really well, I love watching the parents walk their kids to class, help them find their desk, and try their hardest to sneak away while their child isn't looking. I love getting my picture taken by a parent with their child on the first day. I love how at 8:15 a little boy asks if it's time for lunch yet. I love that "earning a marble","table point", or "ticket" is the biggest highlight of their day. I love that I've already had a student invite me over for dinner. I love that one mom said that her son "prays for me every night" sweet!

Anyway, I'm not able to share pictures of my kids with you, but I wanted to go ahead and show you my room. This year it took me a lot longer to get my room just the way I wanted because I decided to completely rearrange my classroom. For the past two years I haven't been perfectly content with the set-up and have been needing a change. Now, that the first week is over, I am very happy I did!
Calendar Wall

Focus Wall

Tables with Community Supply Tubs

Library Corner

Word Wall

Adorable tags my mom made

Math Wall


Anonymous said...

Emily any little boy or girl would be so blessed to have you for a teacher! Your classroom is so cute. Hope your year is wonderful!! Luann

bunnytrails said...

Looks absolutely wonderful...and you did it without me this year!!haha Soooooooooooo happy you have a great class and 2 years of teaching under your belt. You have grown and matured so much and we are so PROUD of you!!

Caroline Joy Casey said...

You are amazing! I LOVE your classroom--it just looks like you! Your library corner is adorable. I'm so proud of you friend! It has to be said again, you are amazing! :) Love you -- Caroline

Suzanne said...

Emily, I'm so happy you are anticipating a great year! I've prayed about that! Your room looks like a wonderful environment for those kiddos! They are blessed to have you for their teacher! Love you!