Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Josh and I had a great Christmas spent visiting family and getting to see close friends! We began our holiday in Abilene with my family. It was a lot of fun because I got to spend some good time with my sister (who lives in Denver), catch up with my bestie Caroline, and Josh and I met up with our good friends from college (and Josh's old roommate) Jeffrey & Lauren.

After heading to Abilene for 2 days, we drove onto Odessa to have Christmas with Josh's family and grandparents. Spending holidays with his family is a little, shall we say, "louder" than time with my family...because there are 5 little ones running around. It's a lot of chaos but a lot of fun as well! I'm very blessed with wonderful "in-laws!"

Rayleigh using Wii Fit
Baby Kurstyn with her new passy
Kids anxiously awaiting opening their gifts.

On our way back to Dallas, we decided to stop in Ft.Worth to see my Uncle Vern & Aunt Carol and meet my cousin's new baby girl, Charlotte. Little did we know that my Mimi, Aunt Sharon, and cousin Audrey (who lives in NYC) would also be there! We were only able to capture these 2 pics...

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bunnytrails said...

Another great Christmas with all of you. So thankful for safe travels for everyone!! Blessings to you and Josh in 2011!