Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things

One thing I love to do is read other's blogs for that is where most of my teaching & decorating inspiration comes from. One type of "post" I love to read from other's is the "things" that get them through the day/week. I've been meaning to make this post for a while, but with Josh away I'm finally able to have some alone time and just blog :) So here goes...

1. Pandora app. I love playing this app on my phone in the car, at school, after work, while making dinner, etc... Currently my favorite 'stations' are Glee, Mumford & Sons, and Adele.

2. Jesus Calling daily devotional book. My mom bought this for me a month ago and I've read it almost everyday. It's so uplifting and a great tool to have to begin or end any busy day.

3. Join the Journey. Our church has a daily devotional you can subscribe to. 3 years ago we were studying through the Psalms, last year it went through the Gospels, and this year we are 'journeying' through the Prophetic books of the Bible.

4. Because I talk, I have to make sure I'm drinking plenty of water. One of my students gave me this adorable tumbler and I try to drink 2-3 glasses during the day.

5. My journal. Yes I LOVE to journal, take notes, doodle, etc...

6. Lesson plan book. I take this with me everywhere. I love to have my planbook close to me during the day and even sometimes I'll take it home at night to process through the next day's agenda. I used to write up and down in this thing, but now that we type up our lesson plans, I still print them out and stick them in this book. It's not the cutest thing on the block, but it works for me! Hope you've enjoyed getting to know me a little bit more through some of my favorite things! Have a great week!

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bunnytrails said...

How fun!! i love your favorite things!! Mom