Monday, March 7, 2011

My latest DIY

One way I like to organize the student's daily work is by using magazine files. Unfortunately, it's an organized mess.

I have 5 (one for each day of the week) located on my desk. So, on that day, I pull out everything inside to use. Unfortunately, it's still not organized enough for me. Therefore, I decided to also put 3 hanging file folders inside each magazine file (1 for math, reading, & science/s.s.) I've been looking around for cute file folders that would match my magazine files but haven't had any luck. So, on my most recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I decided to make my own!

I needed 15 files total (3 for each day of the work week). I had 15 manila folders from school that I would use to decopauge. I bought 3 different types of scrapbooking paper (1 for each subject) and pasted it on top of the folders.

Next, I used 5 different (yet totally cute) fonts (1 for each work day) to paste on top as well.

Here's the completed look, it might not look like much of a difference, but it's HUGE for me:


Kelly Mann said...

So cute Emily! Plus they're bright and fun for spring time! :)

bunnytrails said...

Those are darling!! Way to go!!

Lindsey said...

doesn't it feel great to get organized!! and esp. if it's cute:)


Amanda said...

Cute! I use the same system in my classroom! :)