Saturday, July 20, 2013

4 Months, say what!?!

Dear Claire-
As I'm writing this, you are currently sleeping (praise the Lord!) and also sick with a viral infection (your third, poor baby!) This has been SUCH a fun month for your daddy and I because you are starting to move, move, MOVE! You love to roll from back to tummy (and tummy to back) and grab onto your feet. Sometimes you think it's fun to squeal all during your naptime with your new blankie (or 'lovey' as I call it). Because you are mobile now, you HATE to be swaddled, you've learned how to sleep in your crib unswaddled and are starting to put yourself to sleep. You still love your paci's but only really take them for naps and bedtime. You still nurse every 4 hours and get a small bottle of formula before bed. Daddy loves to bathe you even though you try and go underwater every.single.time. Your giggles and squeals make us smile constantly. We love you baby Claire!

                                            Sweet Meagan came to meet you!
                            Your aunt Stephanie and I took you to Wild About Harry's
                              My life long best friend, Caroline, met you for the first time
                                                    and brought you lots of cute clothes!
Precious Kim came from Alabama to meet you!
Our little family of 3 for the 4th of July holiday!
          Meredith came to meet you, she is pregnant with your soon to be hubby, baby L! :)

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