Saturday, August 23, 2008

2 More Days!!!

In two more days, I will officially be a first grade teacher! I will be greeting parents at the door, meeting their little child, my students, telling them to go sit at their desk to color their Alphabet page, put on their name tag, and pick a book from the 'Book Nook' when they're finished. I've definitely been working up at school 12 hours a day for the past...week. Yes that's right, only a week because our school has been under construction all summer long and I just got in last week! It's definitely been an eventful ride! Thankfully, my mom came in town a couple days ago and has been helping me so, so, SO much! Shout out to mom-thank you!

Anyway, that's one HUGE reason why I have not blogged in quite some time..I've been super busy! Once my room is finished, hopefully by Monday, I will take picstures and post them!!! Well, it's now time for me to go call those little youngsters and tell them "Hi Andrew, this is Mrs. Barnes, your new 1st grade teacher! I am so happy you are in my clas....." At our school, each teacher calls her students and meets the parent and child over the phone first and then we have 'Meet the Teacher Night' next Thursday! Okie dokie, gotta go! Have a fabulous day!

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Teacher4ever said...

Hi, my name is Ruthie Harrington and I am a friend of Beau and Erica's... we go to church together. Since your blog is linked to Erica's I have been reading it. I just read your latest blog and it sure brought back memories... you see I am also a teacher and I still remember that very first day! It's been many, many years ago because I have been teaching for 21! I taught 1st and 2nd grade and for the past 9 years I have been working with students who have dyslexia. I must say that teaching 1st grade is very rewarding! The progress you will see by the end of the year will be amazing! I'm sure you will have strong support from your team, but please know that if there is anything I can help you with, please let me know. I've worked a lot with early literacy and interventions. My email address is I want to wish you the best for your first day of school. Just remember to always treasure each day with your students and remember what an impact you are having on their life! Ruthie