Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Top 10 About 1st Grade!!!

I am so blessed to say that I have been a teacher to 22 1st graders for the past two days! I never could have expected what these two days would have been like, but so far, I am enjoying every minute of my 600 minutes that I'm there!

Anyway, one of my team teachers posted her "Top 10 Favorite Things about 1st Grade" and I decided to do the same...here goes!

1. Seeing 22 faces looking, listening, and smiling at me throughout the day.
2. Having sweet Rodolfo carry my chair all the way out to recess.
3. Ivy telilng me that 'She was so excited about 1st grade, that her tooth fell out!'
4. Loving that I work a 10 hour job and only get paid for 8 of those hours.
5. Sitting at a lunch table, surrounded by little boys telling me all about 'Video games with lots of blood, fighting, and helicoptors ...?'
6. Also sitting at the lunch table and having my very own class making fun of me for what I eat everyday for lunch...an apple, penut butter, and almonds!
7. Playing 'Heads up 7 Up' for indoor recess and seeing the students giggle, squeal, and laugh because 'Mrs. Barnes got picked!'
8. Learning new things about my students...Adonay went to Hawaiin Falls this summer; Acxel loves zebras; and Katie is into 'Kung-fu'.
9. Letting the kids think that I've been teaching for 'several years.'
10. Being called Mrs. Barnes ...and the occasional, "Mom".

All in all, after 2 days of teaching, I'm so thankful I chose this career and God gave me the opportunities to pursue it. Yes, I'm still learning, still nervous, still having TONS of questions, still trying to understand my students, but that's the beauty of it!!

PS. I will post a picture of me with my class by the end of this week..get ready, their wayyyy cute!


Jo Carol said...

Sounds like a great Top 10 to me! Wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch you and your class!! Have a great week and lots of fun!
Love you bunches!

CarolineJoy said...

Emily I just love you so much and am SO PROUD of you!! I keep thinking about you this week, wondering how your kiddos are doing and just knowing they are loving you as their teacher! I also am just marveling at how amazing you are! I'm a year away from where you are...and that thought is insane and a little scary! But you are just jumping in and doing it! Amazing! :) Know that I can't wait to talk to you all about it and am praying for you! LOVE YOU!!

mary said...

Well, it is no surprise that you love it and that your class loves you! You'll be the best and favorite teacher ever, I'm sure. Thank you for your dedication to these little children - they need people like you in their lives.

Love you, Mary