Tuesday, December 30, 2008


As you can read in this title, Josh and I have been busy doing lots of driving (and flying) over our holiday break. Instead of writing full sentences to desicribe my Christmas break (so far) I decided to make bullets because I am in no mindset to write paragraphs! Here goes:

-Drive to Odessa
-Enjoy 3 Christmas' with in-laws
-Hold and take care of baby Rayleigh
-Watch my husband learn to bathe, lotion, clothe, feed, rock, love, and put to sleep his 2 month-old neice Rayleigh. Then comes me laughing at my husband as he now believes he is a 'pro' with babies thus trying to teach others, including his sister (Rayleighs mom), how to take care of Rayleigh.
-See Seven Pounds
-Drive to Abilene
-Annual Christmas Eve Service
-Wach "It's A Wonderful Life" (best Christmas movie ever) followed by "A Christmas Story"
-Christmas with my side of the family
-Recieve some of the best gift evers :)
-Annual 'Go see a movie on Christmas Day'= Marley & Me (one of my fav's)
-Day after Christmas shopping
-Go see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (ahh love it!)
-Drive to DFW airport to fly to Indianapolis
-Arrive at Indianapolis...eat at Harry & Izzys (yum-yum)
-Watch dad try to hail a cab in the pouring rain
-Get brand new suede boots wet in the rain. Thank goodness I sprayed them with water repllent spray prior to this! Phew!
-Watch the Colts beat the Titans in their brand new stadium (thank goodness it was indoor!)
-See the BODIES exhibit! It was amazing!!!
-Fly back to Dallas...say goodbye to family...return home!

Here are some pictures to prove my wonderful holiday!

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mary said...

What a fun, whirlwind holiday. Happy New Year! Love you, Mary