Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Joy of Teaching 1st Grade!

Since I've been teaching first grade, I really have been able to experience so many things. One of my most favorite is truly experiencing all the seasons! Living in Texas means that all the season just run together. In the Winter, it might be in the 30s when you wake up, but don't worry, it will get up to 75 by the afternoon. Summer's mean temperature up in the triple digits while Fall means the leaves change to a pretty brownish/ lovely.
Anyway, on Friday was our Polar Express day (to go a long with our winter theme) and with that came WEAR YOUR PAJAMAS TO SCHOOL DAY!!! Seeing all my little ones walk down the hall in their matching pajamas, slippers, robes, and stuffed animals made me smile so big. It gave me a different, more personal, perspective on my students because on Friday I was really able to see them as 6 & 7 year old children instead of students at school. The day begin with a hilarious story from one of my girls. As she turns the corner to come down A hall pulling her rolly pink backpack she blurts out :
"My mom did not want to come to pajama day becasue she does not wear pajamas. She likes to sleep naked!"
And then goes about her business, unpacking her backpack and putting things away in her locker. Oh the joy of teaching 1st grade!
After this little 'moment' we did our morning work and I read The Polar Express to my kids. Yes, I do get teary-eyed everytime I read that story. Espcecially this time as I was reading it for the first time as a teacher. After reading the book, we watched The Polar Express movie; compared the movie and the book; finished a writing prompt "If I were on the Polar Express I would" and ended the day by making hot cocoa. I never thought kids would get so excited about stirring hot cocoa with a spoon! Anyway, all of this was done while wearing pajamas and it was wonderful! Here's a class picture:

One more thing!!! Last Monday we took a field trip to the Environmental Studies Center wear the kids learned about different organisms and were able to pet and hold several types. Here are several pictures of our day there:


bunnytrails said...

Very,very cute! I loved the post and the stories. Trust me, you will hear a lot more of them as the years go by. I STILL remember things that my class said 30 years ago!! That makes me feel ancient :{ Looking forward to seeing y'all in a week. Love you!

Erin Woolsey said...

aww such a cute class! my mom was a kindergarden teacher and this takes me back :D haha. so precious.