Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Teacher, please forgive me..."

About 3 months ago I recieved a little Chinese boy who just moved to Dallas from China. I happily greeted his crying mom, slightly confused dad, eager translator, my prinicipal, and 'T' at the door on his first day in my classroom. I felt like it was disaterous at first trying to teach a classroom of 21 students and 1 behavior boy, let alone a Chinese boy who spoke VERY little English. However, through the past months, his English and behavior has improved GREATLY. However, he still is a 7 year-old boy...and that's where my story begins...

This past Monday I went to pick my kids up from Music class when the teacher pulled me and 'T' aside for a little talk. I quickly found out that while the rest of the first graders were cheerfully dancing to one of their program songs, 'T' was among them dancing in a provocative way with his hands on places they shouldn't be. Trying to hide back the laughter as I looked down at 'T's guilty face and reassured Mrs. E that I would handle it and be sure to let mom and dad know.

That afternoon I emailed our translator letting him know of 'T's inappropriate behavior and told him to call mom and dad and explain it to them. After school that day 'T's father came to pick him up and apologized, in little English, for his son's behavior.

The next day on our way to specials (the time of the day when the kids either go to PE/Music/Art) I noticed 'T' go to his locker and get out a card. He ended up giving the card to Mrs. E (the music teacher who witnessed the provocative dance moves from little 'T'). Anyway, today I finally got to read the card that 'T' wrote to Mrs. E...and here it is...written verbatum from my little Chinese boy, 'T'.

Please forgive me
I am sorry that I
have done in the
classroom Not
graceful movements.

'T' #23 (with the #23 erased)

How adorable is that! Ahh I love being a first grade teacher...


bunnytrails said...

Oh my.... What a story. I bet he won't do those moves again!! Just think of all the stories you will continue to have as you teach these little darlings!

mary said...

That is SO cute. Thanks for starting my day with a chuckle.