Sunday, April 5, 2009

Love all around.

This weekend Josh and I attended such a special wedding where some of our best friends were marrying each other. Several of our close college friends came into town for the wedding which made for some good times. All day Saturday I had some much needed girl time with my dear college friend Meagan...we spent the day shopping, eating, getting our make-up done, doing hair, and talking...I mean what could be any better for a girl???

Anyway, the wedding was outdoors at the Arboretum and the reception under a big white tent in the midst of beautiful flowers under a starry sky. I felt like I just stepped into a scene from a movie, it was wonderful! Josh and I are blessed in so many ways period, but I just can't get over how wonderful our friends are!!!

Here's me with Meagan and Elena...two of the best!

Elena and her 'bump'!

Us with the beautiful bride! (Sorry Hunter, my battery was about to die and you were busy talking to someone else!)

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bunnytrails said...

Sooooooooooooooooooo pretty!! THe surroundings AND the people!