Sunday, March 15, 2009

You Know You're in Dallas When...

As Josh and I were leaving Starbucks yesterday morning, an orange Ferrari drove right in front of us. Josh said 'You know you're in Dallas and the man in the Ferrari make the same amount of money; except you drive the Ford and he drives the Ferrari.' wonder America is where it is economically!!!

We proceeded to play this game on our way to the St. Patrick's day parade on lower Greenville. This is what we came up with, enjoy :)

You know you're in Dallas when...
1. ...the girl behind you in line at the mall just got a nose job and has the bandages to prove it.
2. ...the guy sitting in front of you in church is wearing brown, pointy-toe paisley boots.
2. work at a school where half of the students live in $500,000 homes and the other half qualify for free & reduced lunch.
3. ...more guys than girls work in malls.
4. ...a 40 year-old man in front of you at Starbucks offers to buy your breakfast, all while flaunting his argyle sweater and the over abundance of pesos he owns.
5. ... you attend a church with 6,000 people and yet 1,200 are actually members.
6. ... you pay $3.50 for a cupcake.
7. ... you can't drive down the Dallas North Tollway without being blinded by those annoying halogen headlights.
8. ... there is valet parking at the local pizza restaurant.
9. ... you have to make a concious effort to dress appropriately for the type of restaurant you're eating at that night.
10. You live 15 minutes away from the 11th poorest neighborhood in the country yet also 15 minutes away from Emmit Smith, George Bush, and Mark Cuban's multi-million dollar estates.


bunnytrails said...

very good!!

bunnytrails said...

Dad posted the first comment, not me! As for me, that was very cute and entertaining. Know y'all had fun coming up with your points. Looking forward to Wed. and

Janice said...

Emily, You always have just a great blog. Janice

Lily Brown said...

Emmy! I love your blog! You sound so happy and that makes my day!

Love you!


Meagan said...

Oh you know I loved that post! hehe Can't wait to see you this weekend!