Sunday, August 16, 2009

Still in Seaside...

Wow, what a past two weeks it has been! Two weeks ago we embarked on our mystery trip to...Seaside, Florida (!!! We got home on a Saturday night and that next day we began house-sitting for some friends for the following week. All that to say, today is our first day back in our apartment since August 1!

For those of you who read my mom's blog ( you already know about how our flight to Seaside was cancelled as we were about to board. For those who have no idea of what happened, here's a recap:
Saturday 3:30pm- arrive at DFW to make our 4:30 flight
4:45- flight to Seaside cancelled. Decide to see if we make it on stand-by for the 8:30 flight
9:00- realize that there are only 3 openings for the '8:30' flight. Decide not to split up and try and catch a later flight to Florida.
9:30- told that there are no flights (w/ open seats) going into Florida until Monday. Decide to catch a flight to Mobile, AL the next day and drive to Florida airport (where our luggage and rental car will be waiting)

Sunday 12:00pm- arrive at DFW to make our 1:00 flight
2:00- arrive in Mobile to be told our luggage was lost and they had no rental car for us
2:30- finally have a rental car to Florida...still don't know where luggage is
4:30-arrive at airport in Florida
5:00-find out that our luggage HAS been found and waiting for us the whole time at the airport.
6:30-arrive at Seaside, FL!! (Only 24hrs behind!)

So, all of that to say, we have never been so happy to drive through Seaside and walk into our 'little place by the water', called "Beach Baby".
For those that have never visited Seaside, it's one of the most wonderful places ever! It's 30min east of Destin, away from the busy 'tourist crowd' and nestled between two little towns called Watercolor and Rosemary. Every house there in the town is painted different shades of pale green, yellow, pink, blue, etc... all with white trim and a picket fence. Each house is at least 2 stories, with most houses having a screened porch as their 3rd story. Each house is named by the owner, some called "Mom Got Her Way" / "Memories Made Here" / "Sea Ya" / "Four the Girls" ...well you get the picture. One reason why I love this place so much is because it's so family oriented. There are kids running around everywhere, moms and dads reconnecting, and friends having the time of their life. Sounds cheezy, but I fall for it every time! Anyway, our 'cottage' was named "Beach Baby" and was located directly on the beach. We had a huge screened-in back porch with an additional porch attached to it and only a 2 minute walk to the water. It was such a relaxing yet rejuvenating time for us all!!!

View from our back porch!

Enjoying our time on the beach!

A magnificent storm rolling in.

Enjoying ice-cream on the beach, yummy!

Christmas card worthy?

About to ride into town!

Until next time, my heart is "Still in Seaside!"


bunnytrails said...

Well, at least our hearts are not lonely...because mine is still there,too! Had a fabulous time with all of you! Let's do it again next year!

Anonymous said...

Looks like your time in Seaside was wonderful. Always check your blog to keep up with you guys. Hope your school year begins great! LuAnn

mary said...

Great pictures, Em. I hope we get to go someday.