Friday, September 4, 2009

My 22 others

Since school has started two weeks ago, things have all of sudden become a whirlwind! It's weird for me to think about the relaxing days during my last post, only 1 month ago, in Seaside Florida. Waking up whenever, walking to the beach, eating meals at my own convenience, and just basking in the sun. Now, things are quite different! I find myself tonight enjoying a quiet Friday evening alone (only for a few hours though) while my husband (and his 10 other college guy friends) sets up his fantasy football team via skype online in the other room. I've enjoyed the long shower, candle-lit rooms, control of the remote, and freedom to just...sit.

I decided to blog tonight about my {new} class. I have 9 girls and 12 boys from 7:50am-3:00pm everyday. Oh wait, did I say 3:00? Oh I mean from 7:50am to, well yep, 7:50am. Yes that's right, when you're a teacher, it's hard to just leave 'work' in 'the classroom' when you're dealing with 22 little minds. Just like every other teacher, I find myself thinking about my 22 new little lives that I'm about to invest so much into within the next 9 months. Because this is only my 2nd year to teach, it was such an odd feeling to see my 1st group of studnets go on to 2nd grade and have someone else as a teacher. {For all you experienced teachers out there reading this, you're probably laughing in your shoes as you read about how this 'odd feeling' is merely natural for a new teacher to experience} Anyway, I have really enjoyed these past two weeks getting to know my new group of kiddos. Our team has some new ideas we want to implement this year and I'm excited to see what this school year is going to look like! For now, I hope you have an enjoyable day and find rest and relaxation amongst the business of your life.

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mary said...

I hope you have a wonderful year. Blessings on you and your class.