Sunday, November 22, 2009

Go Horns Go

Last weekend, Josh and I met my parents down in Waco for the Texas/Baylor game. We've always been TX fans, but my mom and I are definately a little obsessed with Colt McCoy...I mean who isn't??? Anyway, we had really great seats which made the game that much more exciting. Oh and let me just share with you my favorite quote from the game...

Mom:(in reference to Jordan Shipley after he ran for a touchdown)"Man, I wonder if his legs look as good as his arms!"

haha...and for those of you who've ever watched Jordan Shipley play, you know what I'm talkin' about :) Here are a few pics from the game:

After the game we met up with my cousin and his family, my Aunt Janice, and Mimi. They all live in Waco and it was great seeing them! I hadn't seen my cousin and his family since our wedding! I loved spending time with my 2nd cousins Elijah and baby Sadie!


bunnytrails said...

Yes it WAS a great time!! Way to blab about what your mom said! Thought I said that to you in confidence!! haha!

Caroline Joy said...

this totally makes me think of when we'd go to cooper football games with my parents and pick our favorite "numbers" :)

and yes, who doesn't love colt mccoy? in high school, one of my friend's boyfriends played football with him and i hung out in the same room with him once...i always stretch the truth and say that we went on a date...or dated for a few months...or that we were practically engaged. :)

i miss you!!!!

Hannah Anderson said...

Emily. Your cousins are the children of the new youth minister at my parent's church in Waco. What a small world!