Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" ..I mean.. "I'm dreaming of a Caucasian holiday"

This year our family (Barnes & Spurlock) had a Christmas unlike any other! Between cancelled flights, stomach viruses, and snow we were, however, still all able to get together and spend some quality time with one another. In order to get the full affect of my Christmas this year, I think I'm going to have to break it down day by day :) Let's begin at Sunday before Christmas :)

spending a relaxing day in Abilene with family. Call Josh's mom and find out she and Rayleigh (our niece) have the stomach bug. No fun!
Monday: Rhonda and Rayleigh feeling better, so Josh & I decide to go ahead and drive to Odessa as scheduled.
Tuesday: Now Gary (Josh's dad) and Krista (Josh's sister) are now sick in bed with the stomach bug! So, Rhonda, Josh, Rayleigh, and I head to the Midland to do some last-minute Christmas shopping.
Wednesday: *Here's where things get interesting* Gary and Krista feeling better but myself, on the other hand, begins not to feel so great. (Because Josh and I are *supposed* to leave Thursday morning to return to Abilene for Christmas with my family, we go ahead do Christmas with his side of the family) Open presents with Josh's family with several bathroom breaks in between...I knew I wasn't feeling so great when I woke up this morning! Ugh! After the last present is opened, I head to the bed/bathroom (they were basically the same thing for me for that next 24hrs!!!) That night we were all supposed to go over to Josh's grandparents house in Stanton to have dinner/Christmas with the grandparents and cousins. However, Rhonda stayed home and took care of me while the rest of the fam had an enjoyable time with relatives. Bummer, what a fun day to be sick!

Now, let me begin the story with my sister...she is supposed to be flying in from Denver to Midland tonight (remember, it's still Wednesday!). We were going to pick her up from the airport in Midland, have her stay the night, and then the 3 of us (Josh, me, my sister Steph) will drive back to Abilene Thursday morning to spend Christmas with my family. OK, got it? Well, with that being said, Steph's flight get's delayed in Denver. We realize that when Steph get's to Midland, she will spend the night in a hotel due to the aggresive sickness spreading in the Barnes house! Yikes! HOWEVER, my mom and dad decide that they will drive in to Midland tonight and just go pick her up from the airport and bring her back to Abilene. Hm, sounds like an okay plan...keep reading to find out what REALLY happens.

About 9:00pm, Steph boards plane to take off to Midland. Dad leaves Abilene for the 2hr drive into Midland to pick up Steph from the airport. At, 11:00pm Dad arrives in Midland to figure out that my sister has never even left the airport in Denver, but has been taxing the runway for 2hrs due to bad weather. GREAT! Steph's flight now cancelled. Hmm, dad decides to drive BACK to Abilene that night. Steph is able to get on the next available flight to Midland Thursday evening.

Thursday:: Wake up. Feel better. Realize that my sister still is not in Midland. Can't drive back to Abilene due to closed roads and no sister. Stay in Odessa. Miss the traditional Christmas Eve service with my family in Abilene. Sad :( Rayleigh get's sick vomitting AGAIN...take her to the doctor to find out she has an ear infection. By this point, I'm thinking, is this really possible? Yep, guess so! Ok, where was I...Steph *finally* arrives in Midland at 10pm where Josh picks her up from the airport. Why just Josh? Well he's the ONLY who has not gotten sick and we didn't want to risk it. While Josh is going to get Steph from the airport, we all debate if Steph should stay at a hotel tonight, with friends, or at the Barnes house. Hmm, after much thought and discussion with Steph, she decides to go ahead and stay with us tonight at the Barnes house. We frantically disinfect everything while spraying every little nook with Lysol. Germ free! we think

Friday-Christmas: Wake up and leave for Abilene...yay! Now don't get me wrong, I LOVED spending every minute with my in-laws, they're WONDERFUL people. But, after all that's happened, I'm ready to be with mom & dad! We FINALLY arrive in Abilene just in time to have an AMAZING lunch (prepared wonderfully by mom!), then go see THE BLINDSIDE (cried my eyes out...definately a "must-see" movie!), then come home to spend 3 hours un-wrapping presents! It was a blast!!!! Now our original Christmas day plan was to wake-up, open gifts, go server lunch at the Salvation Army, then do our big dinner that evening. Oh well, plans change! (No kidding!?!)
Saturday: Steph wakes up sick with stomach bug. Really? After ALL that Lysol we sprayed back in Odessa? Mom, dad, Josh, and I spend the day together!
Sunday:: Steph still not feeling well. The 4 of us eat at Perini's steakhouse without sorry Steph!!! Josh and I return to Dallas thinking the whole way...what a Christmas to remember!!!

Here are some pictures taken throughout it all!

The 3 of us finally make it to Abilene!

Rayleigh racing towards her presents!

Josh & I on Christmas morning in Odessa

Josh & I on Christmas morning in Abilene

Steph & I on Christmas in Abilene

Beautiful tablescape made by mom

Josh & Dad about to go bike-riding through the hills of Abilene

Josh & I at Perini's


bunnytrails said...

Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!! It made me tired just reading about fact, I am still tired!!! We had a GREAT Christmas day with the three of of the most fun ever!!! What a memory!! Mom

bunnytrails said...

By the way,you did a great job of recapping all of the events!!

Wase... said...

Wow! Great job Josh not getting sick the whole time. It will make for good memories though. Hope all the sickness is gone.