Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day 1 & 2

Tuesday morning I got a call at 5:08am saying that school was cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions. I quickly woke Josh up to tell him, made a pot of coffee (???) and went back to sleep. That evening at 5:15pm, while watching the news, I saw that RISD was 'closed' for Wednesday as well! It was a GLORIOUS feeling! However, I left my lesson plans and laptop up at school on Monday (thinking I would be back at work the next day!) much for getting ahead on plans! Anyway, I decided to spend my 2 days off cleaning house, baking, organizing our 2 guest rooms, and watching movies :) Josh's work was also cancelled, so he helped a ton around the house too.

I decided to make home-made CC cookies from scratch. I ended up baking over 3 dozen so I decided to use 2 dozen for a math lesson on $ for my little 1st graders. I even came up with a cute worksheet that goes along with it!

Josh & Abby in front of our house playing!

One of my projects was to organize and cleanout one of our guestroom closets. Here's a before shot...

A work in progress...

The end result! I was very proud :)

We also spent some time working on Josh's office (aka 'man-cave') I'd say it turned out well!

Oh, and RIGHT after I published this post, I just realized that tomorrow will be SNOW DAY #3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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bunnytrails said...

Looks great!! Wish you would come here and help me with my closets!! Tell Josh I like your jewelry safe in his office!! hahahhahhah I know, it's a gun case!!