Wednesday, October 3, 2012

18 / 19 weeks!

I guess it's been right at a month since my last post! I really have been meaning to post more often, but I feel as though not much has changed and I hate taking/posting pictures of myself haha. But it's probably that time again, so here goes...

I took these pictures last week (when I was 18.5 weeks pregnant) to send to my mom, so I thought I would go ahead and use them for my blog...

How far along? 19 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain: 5-6lbs, yay! I've never been this happy about gaining weight!
Maternity clothes? Not quite; however, I am using a rubberband like crazy and the "belly band" at times too!
Sleep: Yes! Please! Now! That's all I care to do. However, I am getting some strange dreams! The other night I woke Josh up yelling "There's a car in our bedroom and it's about to run me over!" Josh replied "I'm sorry" then back to sleep he went haha.
Miss anything? I never drank much, maybe the occasional glass of wine at dinner or out at a nice restaurant, but since school has started, I've really been craving a cold glass of wine when I get home!
Movement: none yet. At my 12 week appt, my doctor said I have an "anterior placenta" (sorry for the TMI) which means that the placenta is between my skin and the baby, acting like a mattress. So, it might be a little harder / longer to feel the baby move.
Food cravings: ROSA's!!! The sad thing is, I haven't had Rosa's since March. I plan to break that cycle October 5th when I head to Abilene!!! Can.not.wait! Oh, and I love the cherry limeades from BRAUMS! Yum!
Anything that makes you queasy? Brushing my teeth, still!
Gender: don't know until my 21 week Oct. 17th!
Looking forward to: ROSA's.....and of course finding out the sex of the baby and starting to decorate a nursery!

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Erica said...

You look great!! BTW...I craved cherry limeades with maybe you'll have a sassy little girl!! Can't wait to find out!